About ARIF

The Arizona Roofing Industry Foundation (ARIF) was created in 2009 to operate for the benefit of, or to perform the functions of, and carry out charitable or educational purposes of the Arizona Roofing Contractors Association (ARCA). While closely affiliated both organizations operate independently of each other and have separate Boards of Directors.

For years ARCA has been very active in support of community charities such as New Pathways for Youth and Youth on Their Own but contributions for the bowling tournaments were not tax deductible. By staging the events under the ARIF name all gifts are now recognized by the IRS as tax deductible. While the name has changed, the events are still ARCA events and most of the changes are transparent to the participants.

The Foundation is modeled after highly successful foundations created at both WSRCA and NRCA with the primary mission of offering academic scholarships to roofing dependents. Eligible applicants include any full time employees of an ARCA contractor or supplier member company or their dependent children and spouses. The scholarship applications are solicited and accepted yearly in March with the selection process completed by June. The number of scholarships awarded varies depending on the funds available and determined yearly by the ARIF Board. Special fundraising activities are planned yearly with all the proceeds being retained for future scholarship awards. Since inception, the board has awarded scholarships at a minimum of $2,500 each.

ARIF is a nonprofit, public foundation incorporated in Arizona and exempt from federal income taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to the Arizona Roofing Industry Foundation (ARIF) are tax deductible, as provided by law. The IRS recognizes ARIF under the EIN # 38-3799558.